The best high schools in Philadelphia

High school is the term mostly used in the English speaking countries. The high school also known as the secondary school starts from the ninth grade and goes up to the twelfth grade where a regular student graduates mostly at the age of eighteen years. Selection of these schools is very important and due consideration must be given as the future of your child depends on this.

High schools are highly important for the intellectual development of your child and it is here where they will develop their base for the success in future and to decide their future course of study. A lot of care must be rendered in the selection of the high schools and a complete research must be conducted by the parents and the students in this regard. There are many high schools in Philadelphia but only few hold the reputation for their good standards and excellence in education.

Amongst the top high schools in Philadelphia, Central High holds the most prestigious reputation. One of the oldest schools in USA, Central High was constructed in 1838 and ever since has produced the most prominent personalities of their time. Renowned for its business faculty, Central High leads the top schools list in Philadelphia.

Kensington High School is also amongst the top school of Philadelphia and has the most diversified range of students belonging from various countries, race and ethnicities. They also offer programs that will earn students a high school diploma. Courses offered in other languages like Spanish, French and Japanese are also very useful.

Benjamin Franklin High School is another famous school in Philadelphia and was found in 1957 as a public school. Apart from the rigorous educational program, BFHS is also known for its artistic, extra curriculum and extensive athletic activities.

West Philadelphia High School is another school that topped the ranking list of schools in Philadelphia. Completed in November 1, 1912 WPHS is one of the largest school in the city and holds an area of almost whole of the city block. Though initially this school was not coeducation, but later it was merged into one in order to ease the various functions of the school like teaching and management.

Some of the other best high schools in Philadelphia are:

  • Frankford High School

  • Girls High School

  • Overbrook High School

  • Carroll Charles High School

  • Craver High School

  • Washington George High School

  • South Philadelphia High School